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Our Companies & Investments


Founded in 2010, ESS has become a major supplier and service provider to most of the major Oil & Gas companies in Angola, including Chevron, BP, Conoco Philips, Halliburton, Schlumberger, GE and more.   Specializing in Technical Engineering, Facility Management, & Procurement, ESS handles all the difficulties of operating in the local market, allowing its customers to focus on their core business.


With the average hotel room in Luanda costing >$350 a night, and with little variety, TGI saw the opportunity to enter the hospitality business.  In 2015, Thomson Art House opened its doors, a place focused on local art and delivering the best possible customer experience. THOMSON ART HOUSE has averaged 92% occupancy in its first 24 months of operations and was rated the #1 hotel in Angola by both TripAdvisor and in 2017.


7 Mobile was founded in 2011, when TGI realized that most of the major mobile phone distributors in Angola were moving to higher-end, more advanced and expensive phones. TGI saw an opportunity, given that 90% of the Angolan market is very low income. We leveraged our experience and infrastructure in China, and launched the 7 MOBILE phone brand, focusing on the needs of the African market. To date, 7 MOBILE has been distributed in 5 different African markets.


TGI's latest project, Thomson Beach Nayuka opened its door in December 2017. The beach front property consists of 30 bungalow type rooms, pool, recreational area, bar lounge and offers water sports activities to all guests. 


100% For Love is TGI's social corporate responsibility ongoing project: a non-profit organization that focuses on giving back to the Angolan community in a transparent manner. TGI supports the organization by leveraging all logistics needed on ground so that 100% of all donations go to the intended cause, such as feeding impoverished children.


Founded in 2006, TGI’s first venture was a mobile phone distribution company, which quickly became and continues to be one of the largest distribution companies in the market, distribution brands such as Samsung, Apple, LG, Lenovo and more.